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samedi 21 octobre 2006 par Colette et Thierry Josselin

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mardi 16 juillet 2013
ife, people speechless. Laugh, not necessarily happy, may be a kind of helpless ; crying time, not necessarily in tears, perhaps a release ; pain, not necessarily injured, perhaps a heart. Through the section of the road, always wanted to see a landscape, as it has been unforgettable ; think of a person, always in tears, has been integrated into the life ; sang a song, always silent, as it has been difficult to let go. Precarious Life, indifferent mind !Do not think you’re smart Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags or stupid, that is not important, as long as you think about this issue will be very painful, not clever and fool the world.
utumn Queen Palace - Autumn good, the Genji adopted daughter, and the background is very powerful. f Winter Palace - Akashi Kyi, beautiful and intelligent, and gave birth to have children. ecause of her generous inclusiveness, understanding, apprehension, responsive ; temperament supple, not jealous, not seeking too much. She did not care how much Valentine Genji, Genji need open arms to give selfless love.
Intentions, can love timeless. Ingratiate themselves, can make love warm and bright. Really love joy enrich. Compassion can Michael Kors Outlet Online make love to increase the thickness.
woman, she did not have the background, there is no beauty, not alert, not cute, but it is the de facto owner of a large family, the most popular. ho is she ? She is Japanese novelist Murasaki Shikibu "Tale of Genji" described by flowers scattered of Genji six homes summer palace of the owner. ther Sannomiya home to what the VIP ! In contrast, the flowers scattered Fanghua no longer looks unusual, however, only that she had been to accompany Genji went to the final. Why ?Spring Palace - Genji, beauty is unparalleled, extremely favored.
If blind inferiority complex, you’re bound to lose Michael Kors Outlet everything. at least air, though not very fresh ; at least a home can not always back ; least have a family, although it can not by his side ; least there is a body, though not very well, at least there is a soul, although is not complete ; There are at least a shadow, although unable to speak ; least two friends, although not often together ; least not lonely, because they have their own. alifornia has just graduated from college students, winter conscription in 2003, he was conscripted by law, is also the most dangerous of the Marine Corps to service about to go to the most difficult. he Coach Outlet young man since the news was informed that he was selected by the Marine Corps, they seem worried.
ometimes you miss one, but you would not call him. Call him, do not know what to say or not to play better. Miss one, do not have to hear his voice. I heard his voice, maybe that is another matter.
Born mission responsibility for creating a strong, the long backlog pressure and Biequ of tears, creating a fragile heart, for their loved ones, for the ideals of his mind, the man is always to show strong. men often want but just a caring, greeting, an understanding. hey Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbags cherish me how can get what allows people like me, a few refused, can not return the feelings, refuses to do so, no matter how nice, is always a kind of injury, I worry about what I did today in the future will one day want me to repay. ou have to believe that love can hoodwink some truth, love each other’s advantages will enlarge.
Than others cold-blooded, and the world in Louis Vuitton Outlet this respect that it not others. now people do not have to explore the best probe to make the multi complain ; Appreciating do not have to be made to do all you no friends ; responsible people do not have to be harsh to make the public from the harsh do ; Teachers who do not have to be humble best, Peel do less bone ; people do not have to back to do, then the road back to do the storm ; realm can look too far ; magnanimous can see wide ; conservation can be self-sustaining ; edge, can be restrained, to do an open-minded person. uiet days, it would take care of themselves physically and mentally ; dark if time, it is more life experiences. Life the most confusing, is not no one understands you, but you do not understand.
and next ridicule sinking sand, saying that it was not a fool is mentally Michael Kors Handbags Sale retarded, go clam lived deep undersea many years, away from friends and relatives do not say, but also did not see the sun and rain, do not enjoy the moon breeze even lack of air, only with the dark, wet, cold, lonely the company, it is not worth it. ut his "silly" sand or regrets go with raising mussels. few years later, the sinking sand grow into a crystal clear, priceless pearls, all day to travel around the world, and allow people to appreciate their beauty while also earned the respect and admiration of the people. Had laughed at those of its partners, it is still Christian Louboutin Outlet a bunch of sand, some pedogenic.
ctive and think that you have a thinking and assertive ; understand a bit, to ask a little, learn a little more, you will have the knowledge and experience ; diligent point, do you have a mobility and ability ; be strong, cheerful, open-minded point, calm down, you have a good character ; Do not blame others, they should not blame themselves for the opportunities in their own hands. o people can do your crutches, you must learn to be independent to battles ; mistakes, must have the courage to bear, cringe a self-protection, but when the others when you look down upon you to completely fade out nfl jerseys wholesale the opportunity for success outside. Then difficult to bite the bullet, always in the past ; longer make mistakes, not alone, everything can be repeated. n life, injured prepare to do, because the injury is also a part of life.

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Quoi de neuf cuistot! Une remarque sur cette recette...

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